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LSD: Problem Child and Wonder Drug is
a documentary film about the International LSD Symposium
held on the occasion of Dr. Albert Hofmann's 100th Birthday
in Basel, Switzerland - January 11th, 12th, and 13th, 2006.
The 60minute DVD is available through the
MAPS website (Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies),
as well as on, and is expected to be
more widely available soon. It will also be released
in Europe with German subtitles as soon as possible.
It has been released in Japan by UPLINK, and is
widely available at all major DVD outlets in Japan.

2006年、1月11日、12日、13日 スイスのバーゼル市で開催された

"This is an important film. It is a comprehensive document of the various effects of LSD
and of their meaning. The film is a good document of the uniqueness of LSD"
                                                  - Dr. Albert Hofmann
"This is a very good film."          - Anita Hofmann (Dr.Hofmann's wife for 70 years)

(This DVD) is a valuable document about my father and about his work as scientist and philosopher.
I am pleased to know that he is also known and popular in Japan.

-Andreas Hofmann (Dr. Hofmann's son)
価値の高い作品だ。」                                        -アルバート・ホフマン博士
「これは凄くいい映画です。」                    ‐アニータ・ホフマン(博士と70年間結婚していた愛妻)

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In January 2006, 80 speakers and 2000 participants gathered for the three day International LSD Symposium held in Basel, Switzerland to celebrate Dr. Albert Hofmann’s 100th birthday, and to hear the father of LSD speak first hand about his life, his discovery and his thoughts on the psychedelic experience. It was also an occasion for leading doctors, researchers, artists and thinkers in the psychedelic field to present their work.. By documenting this historic symposium, LSD: Problem Child and Wonder Drug articulates the scientific, medical, artistic and spiritual issues at the core of the psychedelic debate. While experienced psychonauts will inevitably be touched by the words and demeanour of Dr. Hofmann, the DVD is also ideal for introducing inexperienced friends, parents and colleagues to the reasons why the psychedelic experience cannot simply be ignored. With interviews and presentations by Rick Doblin, Alex Grey, Ralph Metzner, Carl Ruck, Goa Gil and others, this historic message from the father of LSD is a timeless relic and an immediate source of inspiration.
Purchase the DVD now on the MAPS website (Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies)

アート、ミュージック、スピリチュアリティー、ピース… 60年代に世界を揺るがせた社会変動の原動力を三文字に縮小するなら、それは間違いなく「LSD」だ。そして発見から半世紀以上たった現在に至るまで、ノーベル賞受賞者までもが自らの発見をLSD体験の結果と認め、コンピューターやインターネットの開発にもLSDが大活躍を遂げ、CIAも大胆なLSD研究に熱中した。快楽的なドラッグとしてLSDが問題視されるのは無理もないが、そのパワーと歴史的インパクトはもはや無視することはできない。




「LSD-Problem Child and Wonder Drug」はアーティスト、科学者、心理学者、IT関係者、医者、ミュージシャン等、シンポジウムに足を運んだ多くのサイケデリック界大物メンバーが寄せるコメントや講演、展示やコンサートをはさみながら、アルバート・ホフマン博士の歴史的なメッセージを分かりやすくまとめ、日本語と英語の字幕をつけた60分のDVDです。 


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